~Wind on Water ~

​​a global community directory
and resource exchange initiative

Learn from the past ~ unite for the future
The elements are more powerful than anything that man has created.  As we face a new time on earth, and societies are rethinking how interactions should be handled, it is clear that the people should lead.  
A coming back together of what was inherent and simple.
Each of you has a skill, a gift, a product, a supply of something.  Take it to community.  
This website allows people from all over the world to build community with those around them.  
Local and long-distance.  Art or a service is as valuable as food.  Nothing has a price tag.  

As you read through the information and options provided by the Wind on Water Exchange Database, it's important to keep in mind that the true intent of outlining this initiative is to inspire you to build your own connections and format as needed.  Consider the tools you have access to.  People you meet and share space with in established groups, workplaces or neighborhoods.  The ease of setting up a private Facebook Group or using some other existing group communications platform to organize people for sharing solutions.  It will take us all to build new systems that can sustain both the planet and each other.

Participate and Change Your World

What do you have to trade or know how to do?
What service are you trying to bring to humanity?

Eggs or produce from your farm or garden.  Your paintings. Yoga classes.  Tutoring and training in any skill or occupation.  A cup of coffee from your privately-owned shop.  Healing work.  Midwife services.  Meeting space.  Car-pooling or transportation.  House cleaning services.  Accumulated rewards program points turned into gift cards or frequent flier miles.  Add items to, and change your listing as your offerings and life change with season or circumstance.

What do you need?

This system is designed to help you change how you think and interact.  You must consider and list yourself and what you have to offer/trade BEFORE you will be granted access to the community to request assistance with your own needs. Everyone has something important to offer.

How to build your new framework of personal
& community support

  • List yourself and your gift/skill/service/product/extra supply that is available for trade/exchange.

  • Consider every item for the power and energy it holds.  Everything is equal.

  • Be kind and courteous.

  • Use the Directory to find each other by city, state and country.

  • Share this website with everyone you know.  It costs nothing.
In earlier societies before credit cards, big corporations and banks; a neighbor would trade milk from their cow to the local healer for herbs for their sick child.  And this community-building platform allows you to do the same.

Meet people.  Share.  Be creative in offering and solving things for others as part of seeking out the things you need for yourself and your family.  Create links and networks to bridge community gaps.  If you don’t have a trade-item that fits perfectly with the person who has what you need, seek out and facilitate by adding others to the exchange.  Instead of ‘pushing’ yourself out into the world within only the normal ‘business framework’ of sales-pitches-for-cash, how much “cash” would you save in your budget for items traded in-kind?  How creative will you get in facilitating events, markets, meet-up groups, introductions, sign-ups, and exchange locations as you build your new community network?  Who and what are you connected to?  Make a list of 20 places you go and 20 people you know.  Together we will build the practical new framework and community gatherings to support each other.  Start simple with hand-to-hand practical trading.  Become inspired from there.  When you watch the news, don’t see negativity and short-falls.  See opportunity.  Solutions are everywhere.  Which one are you?

Keeping the exchange network clean-and-clear

No sales pitches or teasers to try to get people to pay money and buy your products is permitted.  No “percentage off” coupon deals.  This is a network for community-building and exchange, that by interaction creates “natural marketing.”  You may list your website and contact information.  Networking occurs naturally as well.  Be deliberate.  The more people who sign up in your area by your introduction, the more supported all of you will be by each other. Within the membership, exchanges are required to be a full trade. As the relationships grow, purchasing-by-choice or partial barter may be agreed upon by all parties, and business referrals may occur as well.
the How-to Participation Guide
This is where it begins
The “fear industry,” corporations and governments have set up systems that are now being realized for their control features and negative impacts.  But the truth is, that none of these systems can control where you put your focus, or the one-on-one interactions we have with each other.  Any number of individuals can stand in a room together and choose that interaction.  It requires no rage against a current system.  It requires no cash or credit cards.  But it does require you take the time to have the discussion and set up the relationships.
So let’s be practical.  We all lead busy lives, and that is usually the main justification to fight to stay in the same daily patterns…whether they are serving you or not.  But if you’re watching the news and paying attention to the speed at which things are changing, then at some point the headlines might motivate you to reevaluate and start preparing for the life you would like to have regardless of how many of the current systems collapse or go to war with each other.  And let’s also be clear, this is not a discussion about preparing for the worst out of fear.  This is the opportunity to participate in building a new framework that will better support you, your family, the planet, and humanity. 
People are attached to the belief that governments and big organizations should be ‘fixing’ things and paying for things.  But what is actually happening is budgets are being cut for services, the arts, healthcare, education, and more.  So what’s the good news?  There are a lot of amazing people who are realizing that it’s what they offer individually and in their communities, that can solve it.  Instead of saying they don’t have time and then hypocritically sitting for hours a week watching the news, talking on the phone complaining to friends about how bad their life is, or angrily staring at their Facebook news feed; they refocused on identifying the skill or service, products and resources already in their possession, and then offering it in a way that breaks the patterns of the usual unaffordable delivery to the public.
Can you imagine a world where all of the
resources and solutions you need from basic desires to practical living are accessible to you without fighting or inequity in the transaction?
Using the directory and system is easy
The system provided through the Wind on Water Directory gives you the simplistic formula to use to become one of those amazing individuals who lead by example.  And it’s not going to require monumental life changes or an unreasonable amount of extra time added to your busy week.  Every person added to the directory is a building block in a new framework of interaction options.  And if you think you have no special skill and nothing to offer, you would be wrong.  Do you have a car?  Then you can run an errand or assist a neighbor to car pool to work or other transportation need.  Are you at home in the evenings?  Then you can watch the neighbor’s child for a couple hours, perhaps in exchange for them providing you with house cleaning or other tasks.  Do you have a specialized skill like fixing cars or computers or building things?  You can offer that skill to someone in trade, or teach it.  Do you love art?  You don’t have to be Picasso to offer to share your favorite colors or materials or skills to your local elementary school, Girl or Boy Scout troop, local community center, etc.  And a reminder…we are not talking about going out and volunteering. Volunteers are wonderful and appreciated, but it tends to be the same volunteers who exhaust themselves at times in communities.  Bigger organizations love to have them “on their team” because they have already learned the secret.  If they get you to do the work and give you nothing, then they offset how much cash they need to come up with in their budget.  Using the Wind on Water system and directory lets you deploy that methodology in your own life while exponentially being of service and expanding the positive interactions and solutions for everyone else with equality and fairness in each transaction.
The future is now
It’s true that while some people are self-aware enough to always be willing to face a fear or recognize a negative pattern in their life and take new action, there is a large population on the planet who will stay in an uncomfortable situation until they are forced to face it through crisis.  Our society, governments, corporations and individuals are now facing a critical time on the planet when change is becoming more of a requirement than an option.  I frequently say to my clients…”You are clearly able to see the problem and pattern in your world that is not working and you know its up to you to change it.  Don’t wait for a soul-induced crisis.  Take the easier action now and avoid the trauma.”
The universe, from both a scientific and metaphysical perspective, always seeks balance.  Humans are waking up to the truth and realities around them.  Instead of just telling you to stop focusing on fear, we offer this new option and framework to you so you have a way to ‘unplug’ from the old systems rather than get caught up in their crash.  You have the option now to let your focus and action align through practicality, participation and preparation to let the universe “balance your budget” and bring you solutions no matter what else is going on in the world.
Options for Implementation
Every person you meet might not, on the surface during the first directory look-up, have the exact match for barter with you.  This is going to take a second look and a conversation. And all the better if you facilitate a group conversation.  Because with additional people in the room, the faster the new matrix of support will reveal itself.  Everyone is used to the same formula.  Get a job…get cash or credit…pay for something.  Our current patterns have isolated us.  Time to come out of isolation and think beyond your current programming.
Business card distribution
Host a meet-up group
You are likely most familiar with the concept of networking and business-building.  So start there as your methodology.  Print business cards with only the following three pieces of information on them.  You may pick your colors and fonts, but you may not put your name and phone number on it as if you are a representative.  Hand out your own business cards or hand write your contact information on the back if you need to.  You can purchase business cards online through a big printing house like VistaPrint.com or GotPrint.com or for around $10 per 500.
Wind on Water
A Community Exchange Directory for Goods and Services

Hand them to people you meet and already know.  Say to them “I/we are part of the Wind on Water community exchange network – are you?  It doesn’t cost anything, and it lists you and your business to let you exchange for the things you need.”

Chances are, you’re already handing out your own business cards anyway.  This gives you the double benefit of using the time you are already putting in to do standard business-building, while having a new tool to meet and grow your community network.  The exchanges that result are the equivalent of income since they lower your personal or business spending costs.  Just remember the rules of interaction.  In the Wind on Water circle you are not permitted to give buy-my-stuff-for-cash sales pitches.  Individuals reported as doing so will be banned.  But the natural evolution of networking with good behavior, will usually lead to people choosing to do business with you on the public side.
Start small with 4-5 people.  Get ready to facilitate.  Print the Member Directory page of this website to use as a guide to reference the different categories of skills and interaction options to get the discussion started. Print out the member profiles of the participants for sharing.  Keep everyone focused on identifying very specific things they need assistance with.  Don’t allow long negative discussions about the state of their lives or the world.  Bring a stopwatch.  The first run around the table gives everyone a maximum of 5-minutes.  They need to bring their worksheet already filled out and ready to share a starting-point list of things they are offering to provide.  This list provided in their profile will get added to as they meet someone else in the room and realize they can assist in different ways with a specific person.  Start simple.  Be specific. Everyone is required to be both a provider to someone at the table as well as a receiver of assistance.

As you read this format for interaction, you might think, “wow that seems like a lot of work.  Why go to the trouble?  I’m busy and I can probably get by with what I have for a while.  Why get involved?” 

And the answer we will give you is just as simple.  

The world is going to need you.
You can set this up now while it’s a pleasant non-crisis day.  Or you can wait for the crescendo when those around you are emotional and panicking.  Though you will be no less needed at that point, it will be a less peaceful experience.  Your framework for interaction will not yet be built.  You have the opportunity now to build a more evolved community.  It will, in fact, lead by example and grow all around you.  Caring and equality in interactions is the system that will run the new earth.
Creating Your Exchange Listing
There are no membership fees to join this community, but it will require you think through carefully what you are offering to share as part of participation.  
Below is the list of catagories and questions you will be asked to give you some ideas and get you started.  A facilitator will review your submission and either approve your admission, or send you a note to let you know what elements of your application or offerings will need to be modified in order to change your status from pending to approved.

Placing yourself on the Community Grid

To get started, we naturally need your name; but also the city, state and country you live in. This allows members to do a search to find others in their area.  We will also ask you for your occupation. If you have a public company location to share, we also encourage you to provide your address.  For privacy and security reasons, we do not recommend you share your home address.

Choose how to communicate

We invite you to provide a link to your website as well as to your personal or business Facebook page.  You will be asked what your preferred method of communication is.  Providing your email address is necessary for account set up and another option for other members to contact you.  If you have concerns about sharing your email address in this way on a public directory, consider setting up a free gmail account just for use in Wind on Water.

Tell us your specialty ~ How can you be of service

To help you begin the thought process and to standardize the Directory for easier reference, we have created a list of Exchange Categories to choose from.  You will need to identify one or more of these so that others will know what you are offering to provide in an exchange/trade.  You should be inspired to pick more than one, and return to your directory listing later to add or remove items as situations in your life change or you realize other things you might offer once you begin to interact in the community.  As a member, you will be able to search the directory by these keywords to see who might have what you need to trade for as well.  And following your list selection, you will be invited to describe in greater detail how you are available to be of service.

  • Food & Beverage
  • Transportation / local-ground / air travel / frequent flier points
  • Accommodations - hotel or via rewards redemption
  • Care-giver
  • Educational Training/Tutoring
  • Food Production / Gardening
  • Handyman / Contractor
  • Computer / IT Specialist
  • Artist
  • Counseling – Licensed Practitioner – Psychologist / Psychiatrist / etc
  • Counseling – Other – Intuitive/Astrologer / etc.
  • Medical – Licensed Practitioner
  • Medical – Other – Herbalist / Reiki / Hypnotherapy / etc.
  • Training – Wellness – meditation / Yoga / diet / etc.
  • Veterinary / Animal Specialist
  • Consultant – Scientific – clean water / electrical / etc. 
  • Consultant – Business
  • Consultant – Operations / Logistics / Planning / etc.
  • Consultant – Security
  • Seamstress / Clothing Alterations
  • Housekeeping / Cleaning Services
  • Other – Service
  • Other - Products

What do you need assistance with?

As with the prior application information, we provide you with some standard category options to choose from to identify what type of assistance you are looking for in an exchange, followed by an opportunity to also give a brief description. 

  • Food / Beverage / Groceries
  • Transportation / local-ground / air travel / frequent flier points
  • Accommodations - hotel or via rewards redemption
  • Child care assistance
  • Elder care assistance
  • Medical care – Licensed/standard
  • Medical care – alternative practitioners
  • Housing
  • Counseling & decision-making assistance
  • Handyman services / construction
  • Job Training
  • Training – Wellness – meditation / Yoga / diet / etc.
  • Computer / IT Support
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Interaction with the creative arts / artwork / custom jewelry / etc.
  • Other
Sign Up / Submit Your Info to Join the Exchange