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If you have uplifting, consistent and meaningful free content such as blog posts, substantial excerpts from a book you published, newsletters, YouTube videos, audio programs or other offerings; then those things are all welcome to be shared here within the Wind on Water community.

How to share your stuff

We host the online community directory thru the Wind on Water system, at no charge to participants, where you can provide access to your own free content to other community members.  Your inspired, creative and informational offerings can be publicly posted on your personal website or other internet platform.  Or you may offer newsletters by subscription via email distribution.  It’s important that you realize though, that you will have the most success if you set up some kind of online presence for yourself that provides people with access to actually see your work prior to asking them to sign up for things by email only.  Websites are super easy to set up these days with simple templates, and companies like homestead.com have great customer service.  Your first brave step may be to get creative and define yourself in this way.  Give yourself a fun internet presence.  Share just a few of your favorite writings, inspirations or artwork there.  Use a system like constantcontact.com that will automatically gather your email subscribers and let you build wonderfully artistic newsletters.  We promise you can do this and enjoy it!

How this community gets bigger

The way that this community platform gets bigger, is by EVERYONE sharing it.  Put a link to Wind on Water on your own website and in your broadcasts and blogs and video credits and newsletters.  We must all participate in this to spread the word to support each other.  Simply planting yourself on here and not helping to grow the audience, will not allow for success and growth.  Dendera Publishing shoulders all the cost to maintain the forum without charging any fees, but we count on each of you to assist in the growth of this positive community.  

The natural progression to business-building

We will only link to a place or page on the internet that is providing free content.  But that can be a separate page on your business website that has no advertising or sales pitches on it.  We do want people you meet to be able to find and have the option to buy your amazing stuff if THEY choose to go past your free content. This is a natural and appropriate progression.  The only exception to this rule is art.  If you are an artist and display LARGE samples of your images such as paintings or drawings on your website so that people can wander through and enjoy your gallery, then it is acceptable to have links on those pages to purchase them.  The viewing of your art (without ugly watermarks and beyond microscopic thumbnails), can be a truly inspiring and healing experience!  So, within reason, we don’t require a separate gallery website to share it as long as it’s tasteful and uplifting.  Are you new to sharing your artwork? Lots of basic website templates offer ways to post your gallery of images.  And if you want to offer them for sale, a service like Imagekind.com can handle all of the printing, shipping, framing and money collection for you.  

One other important note about the content you request your Wind on Water listing is linked to.  If you are using a blog service, or your website page with “free content” is filled with a chaotic mass of advertisements surrounding your posts that leap out at people, we will politely decline to include your work until you change your landing platform.  Again, this community is going to always aim at being mentally, physically and energetically protective of the community that visits and resides here.  Sensitives seeking new forums like this one are just that…. sensitive.  The mass media and world are noisy and chaotic enough.  Wind on Water aims at providing a peaceful and gracious environment for everyone.

Choose your level of involvement

You may choose to just quietly be a visitor to explore the content and unique offerings provided by the metaphysical practitioners, healers and lightworkers who contribute here; but we have another goal in mind.  Everyone is needed now.  And everyone has talents, experience, important thoughts, creativity, awareness and expertise unlike any other person on the planet.  So, we are going to encourage you to share now.  In simplicity.  We know that if you are reading this you have noticed something in the world you would like to see done differently.  What is your magic?  What path has life taken you down and what have you learned there that could assist or uplift someone else?  Even as we provide this platform for you to share, we make you responsible for taking the first step by setting up some sort of personal website or other internet location that establishes your presence in the world.  And once you have, we may ask your permission to share your work on our upcoming “features” page.  This page will be accessible to the general public, and come into existence once we have a minimum number of participants inside the Wind on Water community.  

We are here to celebrate you

As I have traversed different metaphysical groups gathering now at the turning of the tide on earth, I have been brought to joyful tears by the amazing artwork and creativity and caring shared in private Facebook groups.  Scattered around the world, many of us are now actively seeking each other out.  We are interested in sharing, but with attentive and appropriate boundaries that honor our well-being.  Wind on Water is offered to remind you that your creativity can not only be safely shared, but it will be celebrated.  So, it’s time to get out your art supplies, share what you have learned about working with children and animals; explore your ability to channel the higher vibrational energies into any format that inspires you; and more.

How we create a fair and protective environment

Unsolicited advertising, negative or dishonest interactions are not welcome within this community.  We encourage you to create a separate community-use email for interacting here that is separate to your personal account.  Most people who run any type of businesses already have this.  Should you encounter someone who is being inappropriate with you in some way, we ask that you contact us and we will consider removing them from the databases and community access.  You will naturally be responsible for using tools such as Facebook or email blocking in your own private accounts.  But we know that sometimes other issues can arise, and we will do our best to be fair and protective of the space we intend to create here.

Ready to get started...?

Your listing as a contributor to share your free content will require you provide
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  • Your name
  • Who are you? ~ A description of yourself that includes information of your skills, title, etc.
  •  A description of what FREE CONTENT you are contributing to uplift the Wind on Water Community
  • Your email address
  • A DIRECT website link to your free content pages
Keep your descriptions short and concise.  Are you a yoga practitioner offering some free videos people can do in their homes on YouTube or your website?  Are you an artist or astrologer or healer or specialist in some other specific area?

Remember that connectivity for access to new resources is needed now worldwide

Whatever your background, I guarantee that you know things that would be a positive resource for someone else.  Perhaps you know how to work with autistic children; have handled logistics for a big company; are skilled at gardening and food production; worked in the pharmaceutical industry and are now realizing how to bridge the gap between healing modalities.  EVERYONE is holding wisdom and a solution from their life that is critical to be shared now.  Why you ask?  Because elements of the big systems and corporations and governments in the world are scheduled to fail so that more positive self-empowering community connectivity can replace them.  So now is the time to note the things you have learned in your life and which ones of those you are passionate about.  Then take that small step to sharing it.
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Meet the creator & facilitator

where it all comes from

My name is Aleiya Hunter, and as a decision-making counselor and communication/logistics/planning consultant, I have worked in many environments.  On the “civilian” side of society this includes for-profit corporations, non-profit organizations, the military, domestic violence counseling, childcare systems, security, elder care, search-and-rescue, group and individual crisis support, child protective services, contracting, franchising, new business launch/creation, public relations & marketing, graphic design, real estate, the entertainment industry, housing, and environmental protection.  

On the metaphysical-side I am a channel and intuitive guide frequently called upon to assist individuals and organizations with both daily life and soul-level decision-making.  My goal has always been the same.  To provide the tools and solutions and guidance that fit into the practical world; and assist each individual to be self-sufficient for ongoing decision-making that will lead to positive outcomes in their lives and projects.  Understanding Universal Law and the fact that what you focus your attention on you amplify and draw into your life by the Law of Attraction might be a new realization for some, but the invisible universe is now becoming clear enough that the concept of energy out – energy back is more observable in the practical world than ever before.  The creation of the Wind on Water system is to assist you in standing in a more visible, yet safe space to offer your gifts to humanity.  In ancient traditions, it is said that where wind meets water is the point of destiny for man.  Feng shui, one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, is a system of harmonizing everyone within the surrounding environment and literally translates to wind-water in English.  

As many of you stand on the precipice of the planetary change that is so clearly underway, you wonder what you are supposed to do next.  I offer this directory as a home base. A framework and formula to unite you.

Learn more about Aleiya and her work at  www.AleiyaHunter.com