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Welcome to Wind on Water ~
Wind on Water provides metaphysical practitioners, light workers and the world community with (3) things…

A Directory for Practitioners to Share Creative Content & Information
A positive and nurturing community directory to share your creative free-content offerings that may include astrology, channeling, artwork, music, newsletters, energy awareness, work with animals or children, practical solutions in any area, healing realizations, positive understanding of world events, and much more.  There are no sales pitches allowed, and all visitors and contributors must sign in/sign up to participate.  There is absolutely no cost to be included or have access to this directory.  Unsolicited advertising to members and visitors, however; is not permitted. 

World Community Access to a Central Database of Free Resources
Wind on Water provides a gentle environment that acts as a central point of access for people around the world looking for positive heart-center information, healing and community.  As we are now well within the intensity of the changes on earth, the mass news media can make it confusing to seek out individuals and practitioners dedicated to uplifting alternatives.  Visitors from around the world can sign-up to use this directory to access these resources provided all in one place, and never have to wade thru sales pitches or advertising.  This sanctuary offers a gentle and supportive high vibrational frequency so that sensitives are “held” with love and support, and can find each other in their explorations.  This is a time when all of us are needed, and Wind on Water gives you a safe haven to share your heart, creativity and awareness without pressure or judgement.

Face-to-Face Tools to Build A Local Resource Initiative for Goods & Services
And the third optional element to Wind on Water, is a separate private database for use in direct resource sharing for community building.  This is a face-to-face tool for networking in local neighborhoods.  It teaches a no-cash-required methodology where larger systems in the marketplace are failing to meet your needs.


We invite you to explore and participate at any level that is most supportive for your life and work.  As a sensitive myself, I know how scary it can be to share talents and abilities.  My goal here is to provide you with a supportive and comfortable space to meet wonderful new people from around the world who are as heart-centered as you are.

Looking forward to sharing the adventure,
Aleiya Hunter

Directory Access for Practitioners

Introduce yourself by sharing your creative, informational, heart-centered free-content offerings to be of service to the global community
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Directory Access for Visitors

Explore information and resources offered at no charge by creative and skilled practitioners from around the world 
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Exchange Access

Build a Resource Initiative for Trading Goods & Services in Your Neighborhood 
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 In ancient traditions, it is said that where wind meets water is the point of destiny for man.  Feng shui, one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, is a system of harmonizing everyone within the surrounding environment and literally translates to wind-water in English.